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Thomas Magno’s Background

Thomas Magno earned an MFA in Cinematography at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. His pursuit of photography was a natural evolution from that point, excelling as a product photographer initially, thriving in landscape photography and going on to amass decades of experience producing advertising campaigns.

His passion for the automotive industry drove him to carve out a special niche: Custom Background Plates & HDRI Dome Production. With over a decade of experience, Thomas and his team’s expertise is unique and unparalleled.

What We Do

Thomas Magno Photography is your go-to resource for 100% custom production of background plates. Simply put, our experience sets us apart.

We deliver:

  • Detailed location knowledge of countless American cities
  • A searchable library - and invaluable tool - to help filter concepts and find the right location
  • A streamlined scouting process - wherever you want to go, we’ve likely been there already
  • The ability to find and leverage difficult urban locations, shoot in any lighting conditions and work with a range of budgets

If you can visualize it, chances are, we can shoot it.